Step by Step procedure to Treat Pus formation on my Tonsil

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The Pus on the tonsils is a affecting problem and it requires immediate attention and treatment. it is a sign of inflammation of tonsils and your tonsils are infected. Sometimes this infection is perhaps the symptoms of Tonsillolith  but most commonly it is the case of tonsillitis.

How to identify Pus on tonsils?

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First of all in order to identify pus, you need to look for the inflammation. The inflammation includes severe symptoms like formation of blisters or formation of green sticky matter around the tonsils. The green sticky matter confirms the presence of pus on your tonsil. Also abscess strep throat is an indirect indication that there is pus on your tonsils.

The above symptoms are likely to cause pain and severe discomfort.  Thus they require an immediate treatment.

It is very much true that there is severe presence of bacteria in your throat and mouth. The problem of pus may affect people of any age group. This problem of pus forming increases each day, thus making it difficult to even eat or talk.

So in this article let us discuss the permanent, effective solution to this embarrassing painful problem.

How to get rid of it:

Bacteria is the primary cause for the formation of pus on your tonsil. So Generally Doctors prescribes antibiotics to stop this spreading of bacteria. However the problem is that pus in tonsils come again after some time.

The real problem also may be the formation of excessive amount of tonsilloliths in the crypts of your mouth. These tonsil stones are acting as work spaces for bacteria to live and grow. Therefore the a solution boost lies in the removal of the tonsil stones if they exist  So once you remove the tonsil stones, the bacteria will find no place to live and grow and thus eventually dies.

Step by step procedure to get rid of pus:

Step 1: Create unsuitable Conditions for bacteria

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You already have pus from your tonsils. This clearly shows the growth of infection, So the immediate step you need to take is to stop the spreading of this infection. This implies you need to create unsuitable conditions for bacteria. This can be done by following the below practices

  1. Gargle with diluted hydrogen peroxide every night as it is a strong disinfectant
  2. Clean the pus everyday with some cotton or ear bud
  3. Gargle salt with salt water as it kills bacteria present
  4. Don’t allow the mouth to dry as it promotes the growth of bacteria
  5. Scrap the tongue very effectively daily, as tongue allows large amounts of bacteria to settle on it. You can see this when you clean your tongue.

Basically you need to keep your mouth very clean by gargling with antibacterial stuff mentioned above. Also use new toothbrushes and try spraying the tonsil with a water filled oral syringe etc.

Thus by following the above practices you are not allowing the bacteria/infection to grow.

Step 2: Remove the Tonsil stones if exists:

In this step you are eliminating the another dangerous symptom of your problem. You can remove the tonsil stones from your crypts even at home using a simple cotton swab. You can also use an oral irrigator to get rid of these tonsil stones. Check out my articles to remove tonsil stones permanently at home..

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Remember Sometimes tonsil pus is caused by Tonsillitis..

See this article if you feel that there is no presence of tonsil stones and you need to deal with tonsillitis..

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Step 3 : Healing of the infection:

After removing the tonsil stones or healing tonsillitis, the root cause for the pus and infection will be prevented. But you need to remember that there is still pus and infection existing in your mouth. So you need to cure this damaged tissues by taking proper actions. The actions include –

honey prevents infection and pus on tonsils

  1. Eat a spoon of honey daily, as honey heals wounds faster.
  2. Take foods that are rich in vitamin c.
  3. Make sure you eat properly so that you won’t accidentally damage tonsils.
  4. Drink some lemon juice every morning as lime contains high amounts of vitamin c.

Thus following the 3 strong steps, you can easily have a happy mouth that is completely free of pus and infection.

The green pus on tonsils.. The Tonsil Abscess:

The green portion of Pus on your tonsils may result in bringing more damage to other parts of the body which is why immediate treatment has to be given.

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Tonsil abscess is a stage where there is lot of discomfort is faced by the patient and there is also much pain due to this green Pus.

The medication given by the doctor includes antibiotics to immediately stop the spread of green Pus and also the treatment for sore throat. This will definitely bring down the level and severity of infection and further lessens the risk of spread of virus to other parts of the body.

Basically the green pus is the further complication of infection that damaged the tissues of your mouth thus causing pus. So if you find green pus, start acting today. Follow the above mentioned steps with utmost concentration or else it may further worsen the situation.

After finding the cure, it is important to maintain proper diet and oral hygiene.
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Complete cure for Pus:

You must realize that tonsil stones and pus are different symptoms caused by inter related  problems of tonsillitis. Tonsil stones are calcification in your tosilllar crypts and whereas pus on tonsil is result of inflammation and infection of tonsillar crypts.

Tonsil stones are not likely to cause any damage, but pus could damage the tonsils. It is a sign of tonsillitis, warranting removal of tonsils through surgical procedure. Going for Surgery is an expensive and many people sufferers of afraid of it and its side effects.


Why some people face Tonsil problems and some don’t?

The Tonsil pus, stones and pain are just the warning signs of another serious health condition.

In many cases, these Yellowish – irregular shaped objects soon start giving a series of horrific symptoms until you are forced for a surgery..

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