Do you know According to a survey conducted by French Researchers, 1 among every 100 people across the world suffer from Tonsil Stones.

Till today You may have come across many websites which give half-baked remedies to your problem. These silly solutions like brush well, eat good food etc in other websites are even known to everyone.

Unlike other websites, we tonsilstoneremedies.net are giving complete unparalleled solutions from almost 6 Years.  You will not find this practical content anywhere else across the internet..

So Finally you have reached the ultimate place where you are going to get true working solutions to your embarrassing Tonsil Stones problem…

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coughing up due to tonsil stones

What to do against daily coughing up due to tonsil stones?

Are you scared of coughing up due to tonsil stones?   Everyone is affected by cough some or the other time. It’s a common problem even in children. But what makes us panic is when we cough up blood or when we cough up white substances which is followed by a strange pungent smell. We […]

bad breath caused by tonsil stones

Is my bad breath because of tonsil stones? Any Cure ?

Is my bad breath because of tonsil stones? Any Cure ? Bad breath is one of the most embarrassing and frustrating problem one will experience. People, even our friends and relatives start making fun of you. A friend cracking a joke of your bad breath followed by all the people around laughing at you. This […]


What to do with the unusual white things on my tonsils?

What to do if I have some strange white things on tonsils ?   First of all before answering this question… I would pose a few questions to you.. Do you know what these white things on tonsils are? Do you know the real cause behind these white things? Are they harmful to your health? You […]


What is this white lump on my tonsil?

What is this white lump on my tonsil? Jenny was a hard working woman. There was only a little time left for her each day. Thus as a result she used to take less care of her oral hygiene. One day she started feeling a slight pain in her mouth. She immediately moved to the […]

tonsil stones in children

Clear cut symptoms that Confirm tonsil stones in your throat

Tonsil Stones symptoms – It all begins here..:   Tonsils are the tissues present at the back of the throat for each and every individual living on earth. We generally, never bother about these tissues until one day some strange symptoms start appearing. When we discuss this with our friends or partners each one starts […]

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