Is my bad breath because of tonsil stones? Any Cure ?

bad breath caused by tonsil stones

Is my bad breath because of tonsil stones? Any Cure ?

Bad breath is one of the most embarrassing and frustrating problem one will experience. People, even our friends and relatives start making fun of you. A friend cracking a joke of your bad breath followed by all the people around laughing at you. This is the saddest and painful thing that happens sometimes.

bad breath caused by tonsil stones

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Many people start giving you advice. The advice may be some routine advises like brush well or use mouth wash. These silly advises are even known by a small child. So today, will change your condition entirely.

First know the cause…

Do you know 75% of the bad breath cases are caused only because of tonsil stones. In some cases the stones are visible, but in some cases the stones are not even visible, but bad breath occurs. Thus in simple the bad breath is nothing but the existing or oncoming tonsil stones in your mouth.

So just think for yourself.

What is this bad breath? Let us consider a normal life situation. When does your fridge gives a bad smell? When does a lunch box give a bad smell?

The answer comes at this point. The bad smell occurs only when something starts decomposing. To be straight forward, the same thing is happening in your mouth.

Let me explain your situation briefly..

Each day we eat a lot of food. 100% of the food doesn’t go into your stomach. Some particles of food get stuck in the teeth, tongue, tonsils and other parts of your mouth. We brush everyday and thus remove these particles stuck on teeth and tongue. So what about food particles on tonsils and other parts of your mouth? These food particles are responsible for your bad breath daily. So how much you brush, the bad breath continues and you continue to feel embarrassed.

food causes bad breath and tonsil stones

The food particles settled are slowly digested and decomposed by saliva in our mouth which has digestive enzymes. Thus on each passing day, the infection grows forming tonsil stones followed by heavy bad breath

Cures to this condition of ‘bad breath followed by tonsil Stones’ :

So now I’ll tell you some practices that truly work and give you a happy social life.

Cure 1: Concentrate on complete mouth:cure 1 to cure bad breath and tonsil stones

Every night in addition with brushing your teeth, and tongue, start concentrating on other parts of your mouth too. You must also clean area beneath tongue, inner part of cheeks, The tonsils, The upper part of the mouth etc. You may use brush or some cloth to clean the entire mouth. Thus gradually the bad breath decreases.

Cure 2: Don’t Dry:

cure 2 drying technique for bad breath cure

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Do you know why you have a heavy bad breath at morning? This is because of less saliva in your mouth, So don’t let your mouth completely dry. When your mouth is dry, the bad breath doubles than the normal. So try chewing a bubble gum. Also breathe with your nose rather than mouth. This prevents mouth from drying.

Cure 3: Hydrogen peroxide:

Do you know what hydrogen peroxide do? It kills all the bacteria present. This is the reason doctors apply hydrogen peroxide when wounded. So gargle with diluted hydrogen peroxide every night and morning. This doesn’t allow bacteria to grow. This eventually will destroy bad breath entirely. This is one of the most effective technique that works definitely.

Cure 4: Tongue Twister:

tongue technique to get rid of bad breath and prevent tonsil stones

This is a simple but effective technique that can be followed. Each time you eat food, you just move the tongue across all the parts of your mouth. The tongue needs to be moved to molars, tonsils,teeth etc. This results in pushing out the food particles stuck in the mouth. This can be accompanied with a slight gargle after the meal. This practice eventually results in decreasing bad breath.

So in addition to all the above practices, followed by some good food and oral habits the bad breath and future tonsil stones problem can be completely cured and prevented.

Remember, tonsil stones is affecting large number of people nowadays.. You are at the starting stage of this problem.

So take a action and get rid of this tonsil stones danger permanently now…



What to do with the unusual white things on tonsils?


What to do if I have some strange white things on tonsils ?


First of all before answering this question… I would pose a few questions to you..

Do you know what these white things on tonsils are?

Do you know the real cause behind these white things?

Are they harmful to your health?

You need to know answers to all these questions, before you decide what to do. So let us get a complete understanding about your condition.

painful white things on tonsils

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I can understand your condition. You got up in the morning and went to brush. Today you could observe some unusual strange white things on the top of your tonsils. Some may experience pain while others may not experience pain because of these white things.

What are these white things – How are they caused?

To be straight forward, the white things are nothing but a giant accumulation of calcium and other metals on your tonsils. But why are they being accumulated?

Each day we, humans eat a lot of things. Among them, there are some foods which easily get stuck in the mouth. They none other than, get stuck on the tonsils i.e right behind the tongue. Here starts the real problem.

Let us consider this story..

John was a young guy. One night he went to a party and ate a heavy dinner. Some food particles came straight and got stuck on his tonsils. As soon as he reached home, without brushing, he went to sleep. The food particles slowly started hardening. Though he brushed the next day, the food particles did not come out. Days passed by.. Slowly the food particles started breaking down. All the bacteria and other foreign particles started accumulating on the same tonsils. This accumulation continued for days together and started hardening. Then one fine day, John could see a strange white thing on his tonsil.

Now, you could understand the real story behind the white thing on your tonsil too.

Are these white things harmful or dangerous?

This is another question that might haunt you.

The condition above mentioned is called as tonsilloith. The white things on tonsils are the tonsil stones. When some one hears about tonsil stones, they start thinking that they are dangerous and start worrying. But this is completely false. If right actions are taken against tonsil stones, they are not at all harmful. There is no necessity of removing tonsils by surgery.

So, you need not need worry nor feel embarrassed for your condition.

So what to do now?

In most of the conditions, tonsil stones are detected at early stages. This is when we can observe small white things on our tonsils.

Now, Just give me an answer… What will you do if your ear gets accumulated with particles..

We use earbuds and clear off the particles.. Right?

The exact same thing needs to be done with the case of tonsil stones too.

Yes, you can simple remove the tonsil stones with a soft earbud. But remember that care must be taken to avoid pushing the stones further deep into the tonsils. This inturn increases the problem. So watch this video to see this simple process of removing white things on tonsils.

The story doesn’t end here. After removing the white things, care must be taken that they are not formed again which is known as recurring tonsil stones.

This can be done by maintaining proper oral hygiene and avoiding some foods which easily get stuck in your mouth.

Thus you preserve your tonsil glands which are one of the important glands of our body..

Remember removing of these white things on your own has a danger of further pushing the stones inside. So this task needs to be done under a proper guidance.

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What is this white lump on my tonsil?

What is this white lump on my tonsil?

Jenny was a hard working woman. There was only a little time left for her each day. Thus as a result she used to take less care of her oral hygiene. One day she started feeling a slight pain in her mouth. She immediately moved to the mirror and opened her mouth. She was completely scared on seeing a white lump on her tonsil.

This is not only the story of jenny, but also many people living.

From that day on wards, we start worrying about the white lump on our tonsil. We completely start feeling shy to even share this problem with someone..

So Today in this article, let us completely discuss about this white lump, its causes and how to treat it completely to bring back peace to both your tonsils and mind.

What is this white lump actually?

As we all know, tonsils are the glands present in each one’s mouth behind the tongue. These tonsils are the in-built self defense mechanism built by the body to prevent bacteria and foreign particles from entering our body.

white lump on tonsil

So the actual problem starts at this point…

To be straight…. The white lump on tonsil is nothing but a deep infection that gradually developed into a lump. In simple, the lump is the area that is completely infected and damaged.

Let me explain this clearly, as I said that tonsils are the in-built self defense mechanism developed by the body, Sometimes food particles get stuck on our tonsils. The saliva present in the mouth starts breaking this food stuck into enzymes. Things start unfolding at this point. Slowly the bacteria, mucus etc gets trapped by the tonsils as usual. Thus the bacteria accompanied with food particles stuck starts degrading.

This is the seed stage for a start of infection at tonsils. The infection grows each day due to accumulation of bacteria and food again and again, finally resulting in a white lump of infection which may even contain pus.

These are otherwise called the Tonsil stones.

How should I deal with this white lump on tonsil?

First of all, to deal with this problem you need to understand a few facts..

  • This is not a rare problem, and a much common problem faced by many individuals today.
  • You must not only control the infection but also prevent this from happening in future.
  • Don’t worry your mouth and tonsils are again going to be in normal condition within a few days.

This white lump is basically the infection growing each day. So first you need to eliminate the conditions required for infections to grow.

Some of the following are the good practices that can be done to curb the growth of infection.

1)Salt water Gargle:

white lumps cure for tonsil stones

Salt mixed in water is one of the best ways to prevent the growth of infection at the times of tonsil stones.

2)Lime Water:

Lime is another fruit that prevents the growth of the infection and somewhat starts the healing process by killing the bacteria present at the tonsil. So drink lime water every morning when you getup.

tonsil white lumps cure

Thus by doing the above things, you are controlling the growth of the infection. Now your mouth doesn’t have the conditions suitable for infection to grow. So slowly your pain starts decreasing.

Next comes, another important task. That is the permanent removal of the existing infection at the tonsil. This can be done in many ways.  

If you are independent enough, you can try removing this white lump at home. This can be done in a number of ways such as using a cotton bud, or an oral irrigator.

Or otherwise you can simply visit a nearby doctor who would prescribe few antibiotics that heal the existing infection.

So in simple, the cure for white lumps on tonsil can be explained in two steps

  • Creating the conditions that doesn’t allow infection to grow
  • Clearing of the already existing infection.

white lump on tonsil dealing

Thus by implementing the above two steps and maintaining a good oral hygiene, you will not only clear the white lumps but also prevent them occurring in future.

But, one thing you need to remember…

A small problem ignored today will become a life affecting painful problem in the future. Though, the white lumps are a bit small problem today, but it has a deep potential of completely affecting you life in the mere future.

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Clear cut symptoms that Confirm tonsil stones in your throat

tonsil stones in children

Tonsil Stones symptoms – It all begins here..:


Tonsils are the tissues present at the back of the throat for each and every individual living on earth. We generally, never bother about these tissues until one day some strange symptoms start appearing. When we discuss this with our friends or partners each one starts saying some or the other thing. Then the fear starts in our mind…

One single question starts haunting our mind..

“What’s happening in my mouth? Are these the symptoms of tonsil stones?”

tonsil stones doubts

Each one says one different thing. You are finally left in a state of confusion and tend to ignore the symptoms. Slowly whenever you think about this your heart starts beating faster.

So Now, the time has come. Today by reading this post all your doubts will be smashed. You are going to find the perfect truth to the question that is haunting your mind each day.

The classification:

So first, before considering your symptoms, let us divide the tonsillolith into two stages.

 I personally divide tonsil stones symptoms into two stages.

  • Stage 1 : The compact stage
  • Stage 2 : The mammoth Stage

Symptoms of Stage 1: The compact stage

This is the trickiest part, as symptoms are pretty much hard to identify at this stage. You need to pay keen attention to detail at this stage, to identify whether you have tonsil stones or not.

1) A slight Bad breath:

A slight bad breath can be one of the symptoms that are accompanied with tonsil stones at this stage. This is pretty much evident when you just woke up. But you need to distinguish this carefully whether it is a normal bad breath or something related to tonsil stones

2) The Tongue test:

tongue test tonsil stone symptoms

This is one of the best tests to know whether you have stones. You just have to do one thing. Close your eyes and just concentrate on your taste buds. Now slowly twist your tongue such that it reaches the tonsil tissue part of your throat. Now ,

Do you feel any metallic taste?

If your answer is yes, then you have a great chance of having tonsil stones.

Basically the metallic taste is due to the calcium, potassium and other substances accumulated there.

3) Coughing Fits:

tonsil stones coughing symptom

Are you suffering with cough many times? Coughing fits is nothing but the episodes of cough that occur frequently to an individual. So you may calculate how many times you are affected by cough each month.

Symptoms of Stage 2: The mammoth Stage

In this stage you can almost easily get a clear idea of whether you have tonsil stones or not. This is because the symptoms are mammoth in this stage. You just need to accept the truth and need to identify possible treatment to get rid of your problem.

1) Your mirror is the doctor:

Yes, at this stage your mirror and your eyes are the doctors and hospital. Take a mirror, move into the sunlight, and open your mouth.

tonsil stones symptoms mirror test

pc:Bplikerd via Wikimedia Commons cc3.0

Those are nothing but accumulation of calcium as stones.Are there small white/pale green dots on your tonsils?

2) Sensation of stones:

At this mammoth stage you tend to get a sensation of stones present in your throat i.e at the back of your tongue. This sensation is the presence of tonsil stones at the back of your throat.

tonsils doubts

3) Difficulty swallowing:

You slowly start feeling it difficult to eat food. As and when you start eating, you can pretty much feel difficulty in swallowing the food due to the presence of these tonsil stones.

tonsils difficulties

4) Ear Pain and Heavy Bad breath:

Finally even the pain begins at this stage. The part of your ear and the part below the ear start paining. This pain is accompanied with heavy bad breath. It becomes hard as even your friends start feeling your bad breath.

tonsil stones in children

If you don’t have the above symptoms, Hurrah… You don’t have tonsil stones.

But if you possess the symptoms, you need to take a step ahead now before the condition further deteriorates.

You need not worry as Tonsil stones is one of the common problem nowadays. What you need to do is a simple suitable action that brings back happiness to your oral and dental life.

Remember you need to take a step only under proper guidance…

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If You Suffer With Badbreath…..Eat These 5 Foods

bad breath remedies

Tonsil stones are characterized by bad breath, sore throat and swelling of tonsils. If tonsil stones are untreated it will seriously impact on your immune system…

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